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A specialty clinic devoted to providing high quality, evidence based, state of the art treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder & Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

We provide comprehensive services for toddlers, children, teens, adults and families:


· Assessment & Diagnosis

· Educational Assessment, Planning and Consultation

· Individual  & Family Therapy

· Functional Behavior Assessments & Positive Behavior Supports

· Home-based Services

· Vocational Services

· Consultation, Training and Workshops

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Autism spectrum & Neurodevelopment Clinic

PSPC offers comprehensive diagnostic testing to assess social, emotional and cognitive development. This assessment allows us to accurately determine the presence of Autism Spectrum and related Neurodevelopmental Conditions. It also identifies overlapping or separate conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and behavior disorders.


PSPC also offers Autism Spectrum and Neurodevelopmental assessments for adults. In addition to answering life-long questions, this assessment provides important information and documentation for vocational planning, school programs, and state & community resources.


PSPC provides individual therapy for children & adults as well as family and group therapy. We are dedicated to providing Evidence-Based Treatment, including:

· Behavioral Intervention (ABA, Discrete Trial, Naturalistic Behavior Interventions)

· Developmental Interventions (Floor Time, RDI)

· Social-Cognitive Interventions (Social Stories, Theory of Mind)

· Cognitive Behavior Therapy

· Parent & Family Coaching


PSPC is committed to ensuring individuals with autism spectrum and neurodevelopmental disorders receive a proper education and provides consultation regarding education accommodations including Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and 504 Plans for children preschool through grade 12, as well as adults seeking higher education and vocational training.




19217 36th Ave W., Ste 215

Lynnwood, WA 98036

Fax: 425-412-3960