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 Testing, Assessment & Diagnosis

 Counseling & Psychotherapy

 Consultation & Workshops




Testing, Assessment & Diagnosis: for children, teens & adults

 Psychological Evaluations

 Neuropsychological Evaluations

 Gifted Testing

 Early Entrance & Educational Assessments

 Functional Behavior Assessments and Positive Behavior Supports

 Vocational Assessments



Counseling & Psychotherapy: Evidenced-based, short-term solution focused and long-term therapy for children, teens & adults with:

 Neurodevelopmental Disorder:

 Autism Spectrum Disorder

 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

 Learning and Intellectual Disabilities

 Parenting, relationships & family issues

 Depression & Anxiety

 Stress Management

 Adjustment to Disability & Chronic Pain

 Work & Career



Consultation & Workshops: Providing training & consultation for schools, businesses, social service agencies, community groups, families, & professionals

 Educational Consultation with schools & families

 High School Transition

 Corporate consultation & training to address disabilities & employment

 Vocational Consultation & Reasonable Accommodation strategies for employers & employees



Groups: Teaching children, teens and adults to enhance:

 Conversation skills including nonverbal & body language

 Coping with anger, anxiety & frustration

 Making friends

 Self regulation & cooperation skills

 Adventure based groups

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19217 36th Ave W., Ste 215

Lynnwood, WA 98036

Fax: 425-412-3960